Welcome to the UBot Studio feature request and bug tracker!

Feel free to submit any reports of bugs or any suggestions for features here.

All bug reports should be submitted here.

Please have the following information ready when presenting a bug on the bug tracker.

– A brief summary of how you encountered the bug
– A short script that reproduces the error and isolates the bug.
– Any credentials, files, proxies needed to reproduce the error in the script can be submitted privately via a ticket at our support center. Only present examples that do not contain any confidential or sensitive information.

Please make sure of the following when opening a ticket for a bug:

- Check to see if your issue has already been reported before submitting it here. Avoid duplicate issues.
– You are using the latest version of UBot Studio.
– The script you submit replicates the error you are presenting
– The script does not have any script errors that will slow down the process of simply replicating the issue.

Any comments that are simply not pertinent to the issue being presented in terms of how to reproduce the issue will be immediately rejected and delete.

Once the issue is replicated and the bug is confirmed, the issue will be updated to let you know the issue was successfully replicated.

Your issue will be updated once a solution is found and the issue resolved.

If you have any account questions, license questions or scripting questions that are not related to bugs or feature requests, please go to our support center and open a ticket there.
Thank you!

Latest projects

  • UBot Studio 6.7 and above (05/19/2023 02:20 pm)
  • UBot Studio X (6.0+) (10/16/2015 01:47 pm)

    This is for issues related to the public release of UBot Studio X. (version 6.0+)

  • Plugin API (11/04/2013 01:34 pm)

    Please report issues with the Plugin API here!

    Please keep in mind that we are referring to the issues and errors specific to the API for plugins, and not bugs in the plugins themselves. Plugin Developers are responsible for any bugs or issues that occur within created plugins....