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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1326UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugAwaiting FeedbackHighUTF8 not supported by UBot02/20/2020 03:34 pm
1325UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingHighCode does not work when compiled01/22/2020 08:42 pm
1322UBot Studio X (6.0+)FeaturePendingNormalAdd a Systems Command for Disabling Videos10/18/2019 08:02 pm
1318UBot Studio X (6.0+)FeaturePendingNormalA code search feature 03/04/2019 11:05 am
1317UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingHighAll Email Functions01/23/2019 01:20 pm
1315UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalShell command freezes when a EXE is started01/09/2019 08:02 pm
1312UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormaltheme issues dark and light12/22/2018 09:18 pm
1309UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugAwaiting FeedbackHigh6.0.4 Wont play video on Instagram02/22/2020 05:32 pm
1308UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugAwaiting FeedbackHighEval not work in ubot 6.0.4. Very important bug.08/31/2019 11:11 pm
1307UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugNewLowCrash with solve captcha. Bug in Ubot X (6.0.4)08/31/2019 11:13 pm
1306UBot Studio X (6.0+)FeaturePendingNormalSnippet Section11/07/2018 09:42 am
1305UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalUbot Studio X wrong folder01/20/2019 01:15 pm
1304UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalFunction $get all cookies not working in v6.0.411/03/2018 08:23 pm
1303UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalClick and click by offset 6.0.410/30/2018 02:43 pm
1301UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalClear Cookies not working 6.0.410/30/2018 02:24 pm
1299UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalcrop command not working10/26/2018 05:26 pm
1298Plugin APIBugPendingNormalAccess to right click menu10/22/2018 04:36 pm
1296Plugin APIFeaturePendingNormalAbility to see more data10/19/2018 08:05 pm
1295UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalUI Textboxes not updating04/02/2019 07:34 pm
1294UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugResolvedLowUI Text Color Issue08/31/2019 10:07 pm
1290UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalLoad HTML command is not rendering quite rightDalton Cabrera12/03/2019 08:57 pm
1289UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugPendingNormalV6 Installer Issues10/03/2018 02:58 pm
1287UBot Studio X (6.0+)BugAwaiting FeedbackNormalUI Freezing after hibernation10/16/2018 10:38 pm
1283UBot Studio X (6.0+)FeaturePendingHighPermanent deletion of files/folders09/30/2018 10:18 am
1282UBot Studio X (6.0+)FeaturePendingNormalOverwrite option for Copy File command09/30/2018 08:14 am

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