Please report issues with the Plugin API here!

Please keep in mind that we are referring to the issues and errors specific to the API for plugins, and not bugs in the plugins themselves. Plugin Developers are responsible for any bugs or issues that occur within created plugins.

We want to make sure your creations are working smoothly in UBot 5.

To ensure that your plugins are working appropriately, please test your plugins again in UBot 4 to make sure that they are working correctly.

After testing the plugin in UBot 4, please test the same plugin in UBot 5.

If a plugin is not working in UBot 5 the way it was in UBot 4, please open an issue here and provide any credentials, tokens, license or keys needed to test your plugin.

Also, please provide instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

All private sensitive information can be sent to use via a ticket at support.ubotstudio.com

Once an issue with the API is reproduced and confirmed, we will add the issue to our tracker and make the changes necessary the make sure everything is working as it should.

Issue tracking

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