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03:33 am UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1341 (Pending): Commands are not selectable when there's a plugin
You cannot select any commands when there's a plugin loaded. You cant even search.
When there's no plugin loaded its...


11:10 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1319: UI HTML Panel - Memory Leak & Unusable In UBot Studio X
Please fix this... thanks


04:55 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #1234 (New): New container command
A container command that we can drag and drop commands insinde.
It's similar to define command but you can put the c...


02:39 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #1233 (New): Javascript commands to interact with ui html
We need javascript commands that can interact with our ui html on our bot.
Right now all the javascript commands ava...


05:24 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #1194: Scheduler 2.0
any update on this? Scheduler is only useful on uncompiled bot


09:57 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #1221: Include Major APIs by default
09:56 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #1219: Feature Request: Ability To Rename The %appdata% files / folders (Displayed in %ap...


01:29 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1174: Dots appear on Compiled bot's UI area
01:20 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1211 (Duplicate Issue): Hide run bar on compiled
When you compiled your bot with hide run bar check to hide the controls there's a small gap at the top of the uihtml....


07:29 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #989: Debugger window does not behave like native Windows windows should

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