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12:47 am UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1305 (Pending): Ubot Studio X wrong folder
The updates for X overwrite the Ubot Studio 5 folder in the program files. Many still use 5 and it would be nice if t...


04:36 pm Plugin API Bug #1298: Access to right click menu
Oops meant for this to be a feature!
04:35 pm Plugin API Bug #1298 (Pending): Access to right click menu
Access to the right click menu for nodes to be able to add our own options. We could get the IUbotCommand/function of...


08:05 pm Plugin API Feature #1296 (Pending): Ability to see more data
Get all variables
Get all lists
Get all tables
Get all scripts
Set script
These would be amazing to have added...


02:58 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1289 (Pending): V6 Installer Issues
The installer on V6 still downloads support files after performing an installation. Or at least it says "downloading ...
08:42 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1288 (Completed): Advanced element editor text bug
I shot a video which displays the text changing colors when you select an attribute from the drop down menu. This mak...


02:23 am UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1274 (Completed): Advanced Element Editor Dark Mode Issue
In dark mode you cannot see the labels in the advanced element editor because the background is black.
When you sw...
02:05 am UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1273 (Completed): UI commands bug in V6
In V6 ui commands do not display. And when you go into code view you cannot come back to node view.
02:02 am UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1272 (Completed): Firefox not opening in external browser
in external browser("Firefox") {
I get an error "Th...


07:09 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1242 (New): New Line Function Bug
When you use the new line function in a normal input such as an alert, variable, and then type text after the new lin...

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