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02:28 am UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1232 (Completed): Unable to play Facebook and Vimeo videos
Youtube videos are working, but we haven't been able to run any Vimeo or Facebook videos in Ubot 4 or 5 (both Chrome ...


01:04 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #911: Ubot brand error message in compiled bots
I think this is a reasonable request.
We don't want to completely hide all footprints (Seth has talked about this ...


10:54 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #531 (Completed): SOCKS5 proxies not working in UBot
SOCKS5 proxies have never worked in UBot (I've been testing them since version 3). As you know, proxies are the major...

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