Kevin Mickleburgh

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03:19 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #1262: Ui html panel - load files locally
03:19 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #1189: 64bit version of ubot
02:59 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1293: ui html issue
How was this resolved? I just downloaded the file and opened it in UBOT 6 and it took several minutes to open.


01:15 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #1305: Ubot Studio X wrong folder
Hey Nick,
here is a workaround I got from Buddy S. Ubot support:
"Hey Kevin,
If you want to have both versions...


06:46 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #1318 (Pending): A code search feature
It would be great to have a way to search through code in code view. The only way I know how to do this is to copy an...


12:57 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Feature #854 (Under Consideration): Autorun Ubot Run On Schedule
Instead of using windows scheduler, I think there should be a way to automatically start the Ubot "Run On Schedule" w...


12:22 pm UBot Studio X (6.0+) Bug #75: Restore / Maximize Button doesn't work in certain situations.
I am having this same issue, even when I double click the title bar it only "restore down" occasionally.

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